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20/25/28mm MINIATURES
last updated 3 December 2003

Sheet Magnet and Paper SteelTM

Magnetic Sheet with sticky back can be cut with scissors or craft knife. Very useful for lining figure boxes to store figures with steel bases, or stick on existing bases for storage in steel toolboxes. If you want, you can make your own fridge magnets, removable hood ornaments or whatever. Very useful stuff that can be hard to find!

Paper SteelTM is two thin sheets of card with powdered steel in between. It can be cut easily with scissors or craft knife (it handles like thin card), and magnet sticks to it. Use it to line non-metal storage boxes for figures with magnetic bases (you'll need glue, it's not self-adhesive), stick to non-magnetised bases so that they stick to your magnet-lined storage box... whatever the problem, you can solve it with some combination of sticky-back magnet and Paper Steel can solve it!

Rubber SteelTM How about this... just like sticky magnet, only with the magnetic qualities of paper steel!

1 sheet Sticky Magnet........A$ 7.50
2 sheets Rubber Steel........A$18.50
2 sheets Paper Steel........A$17.50

Pre-Cut Bases

Just about everyone seems to hate cutting bases for their figures. Given that having accurately sized bases is so important in most game rules, making your own bases to the specifications needed can be a real pain. If you use something like card or balsa that's easy enough to cut, the bases don't last long in the rigours of battle, and end up looking dog-eared, warped and rather untidy. If you use something a bit sturdier, that means it's usually hard to cut accurately and safely (brute force and sharp edges don't mix very well!). That's where our pre-cut bases are ideal. They are sturdy, attractive, and accurately cut (and I mean accurately). No more wobbly spear lines, or command elements that aren't quite square...

The bases are available in Australia through Olympian Games (and selected retailers across Australia and New Zealand), and represent good value for money. Well cut (and nicely flocked) bases are a sound investment, as they can greatly enhance the visual impact of your figures. A sub-standard base can negate much of the effort (and cash) that goes into choosing, buying and painting your figures.

Available Materials

The bases are available in a range of materials, in a range of thicknesses, and can have sticky magnet on the base to facilitate secure storage of your figures. The thinnest bases are 0.7 mm sheet steel, ranging through thin plastic/MDF with magnet (2.1 mm) for 15mm scale figures through to 4.1 mm thick plastic/MDF for 25-28mm scale figures. We are sure to have a material and thickness to suit your needs.

Standard Sizes and Prices

The bases are available in the following standard sizes. If the size you want is not here, don't worry! We can provide bases cut to your specifications, in most cases at no extra cost (pre-payment is required for custom orders, however).


Code Size (mm) Price Code Size (mm) Price Code Size (mm) Price Code Size (mm) Price
A 80 x 80 $3.40 F 60 x 20 $0.92 K 30 x 30 $0.72 P 60 x 60 $2.07
B 80 x 60 $2.64 G 40 x 40 $1.12 L 20 x 20 $0.39 Q 30 x 20 $0.50
C 80 x 40 $1.89 H 40 x 30 $0.89 M 25 x 25 $0.55 X 25 hex $0.67
D 60 x 40 $1.47 I 40 x 20 $0.67 N 50 x 25 $0.89 Y 54 hex $2.20
E 60 x 30 $1.19 J 40 x 15 $0.56 O 50 x 50 $1.51 Z 25 round $0.67


A B C D E F, N O P      $0.90 G H I J K L M, Q R S      $0.55

Bulk Discounts

Orders over A$100 (can include items other than bases) are posted free to anywhere in Australia. Postage is at cost for orders under $100, but capped at a maximum of $7.90 within Australia.

Bases for Fire & Fury and Napoleon's Battles

Bases especially for Fire & Fury or Napoleon's Battles... Available in the required sizes of 1" x 3/4", 1" x 2", 1" x 1/2", 1" x 1 3/4", 1" x 1 1/8", and 1 1/2" x 1 1/2", available in plastic, masonite and wood. Prices equivalent to metric sizes above - contact us for details!

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