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20/25/28mm MINIATURES

last updated 31 January 2004
NEW Renaissance Ink "Ink Wash".

RI Ink Wash Renaissance Ink have expanded their range to include pigment-ink washes. This range is specifically designed for painting miniatures, and can be used diluted or undiluted, or mixed with other acrylic paint, ink or Flocking Gel (tm). Ideal for thinning paint and base-coating.
White Ink Wash* Black Ink Wash Blue Ink Wash Brown Ink Wash
Green Ink Wash Purple Ink Wash Fluid Matte Medium** Liquid Extender***
* Use to thin white paint while maintaining coverage, or lighten other colours (for highlighting).
** Matte Medium is used to 'dull down' acrylic paint and ink, to give a good matt finish.
*** Extends acrylic drying time, so paint won't dry too fast on the palette, and allows subtle shading effects otherwise only possible with oils.

29.57 mL (1 fl oz)........A$8.50
FULL SET: All 8 x 29.57 mL jars........A$59.50 (One jar free)

Dr Martin's Inks.

Some of the available ink colours I can no longer get restocks of Dr Martin's Inks in the 1 oz jars... so while stocks last, special clearance price $7.00 (was $9.50) Dr Martin's "Perma Draft" Inks are fine quality opaque coloured inks, suited for coloured washes and fine detailing on your figures. They are non-fading, acrylic-based and waterproof once dry. Suited not only for application with paintbrush, but also for use in technical pens, airbrushes or calligraphy pens. Non-toxic (conforms to ASTM D4236). Most washes use ink diluted with water, so a jar will probably last for years! All the inks come with a quality dropper.
1R....Iridescent Silver 11R...Copperplate Gold 1W....Lemon 7W....Turquoise Bleed Proof White
10W...Spruce Green 14W...Black 1L....Sunshine Yellow 2L....Deep Orange 4L....Red Wine (Dk Magenta)
3L....Fire Red 5L....Avocado Green 5K....True Blue 7L....Chocolate Mousse 20K...Spectrum Red

29.57 mL (1 fl oz)........A$7.00
STARTER SET: Any 6 x 29.57 mL jars........A$40.00 (save $2)

Renaissance Ink Acrylic Paints

Some RI jars
Renaissance Ink acrylic paints are of exceptionally smooth consistency, offer exceptional permanency and lightfastness and contain no fillers, extenders, opacifiers or dyes added (dyes are responsible for the colour 'bleed' seen in some cheap acrylic paints). The paints are professional quality, and being acrylic, they have no flammable, headache-making fumes and are easily thinned and cleaned up with plain old water. They are also non-toxic (conforming to ASTM D 4326). They are easily mixed to create just the shade you want. FREE WITH EVERY PAINT PURCHASE: a painter's guide outlining the 3-step technique for painting striking miniatures, including a useful shade and highlight chart.

Jay Wirth of Renaissance Ink writes: "I have been painting figures for 21 years - professionally for 12. I always had a table full of paints from different manufacturers. I wanted all the colors that I like from one company. The paints are made to my specs."

Not only are Renaissance Ink paints top quality, they are also great value for money - you get almosst 2½ times the amount of paint for the same price as Citadel (compare the prices and jar sizes)!

10 Big White

11 Black

12 Dark Grey

13 Medium Grey

14 Light Grey

15 Dark Brown

16 Medium Brown
17 Leather Tan

18 Bone Yellow

19 Slime Green

20 Trooper Green

21 Field Green

22 Sky Blue

23 Vein Blue
24 Blood Red

25 Pumpkin Orange

26 Chaos Purple

27 Flesh

28 Silver

29 Copper

30 Gold
31 Sunshine Yellow

32 Moonshine Yellow

33 Russian Green

34 Powder Blue

35 Mud Brown

36 Flame Red

37 Brass

WEB SPECIAL! 1 Oz. jars now only $4.00

* 29.57 mL (1 fl oz) Jar...A$4.00
* Any 8 colours...A$30.00
* 28 x 1 oz jars (one of each colour) for only A$100.00 = three jars for free!

Renaissance Ink Flocking Gels

4 oz size Flocking GelsTM consist of sized plastic texturing granules mixed in an acrylic carrier. Being acrylic the gels are non-toxic and clean up with water. They may be painted once dry or mixed with Renaissance Ink paints for custom pre-coloured terrain. This is a new product with heaps of possibilities, so use you imagination. Experimentation is recommended!

Flocking Gels come in four textures (and can be intermixed for an infinite variety) - coarse for rocky terrain, medium for grassy or stony terrain, fine for sand or dirt, and extra fine for water, slime, oil spills or whatever (it dries clear).

Available in two sizes:
29.57 mL (1 fl oz)........A$4.90
118.28 mL (4 fl oz)........A$17.50

STARTER SET             4 x 1 oz jars (one of each texture) for only A$17.50 - save $2!

All the figures below were painted with RI acrylics and finished with RI Flocking Gel...


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